Why crossfit is the best way to stay fit

Chances are that either you are planning on starting CrossFit, you already do, or at least know someone who is.  Since you are here, I will assume that is one of the first two.  Also, you have probably heard many myths around the practice of CrossFit.  You have been told that it is great for you or that it is actually dangerous.

Basics of CrossFit

Let me start by defining what CrossFit is about.  When you hear the term, the first thing that you need to think of is constant activity at a rapid rate.  We are talking about varied movement with high intensity and high volume.

I like to call it a workout turned into a sport. Now, although it might sound like something super crazy, it is not if you take it one step at a time.  Despite the intensity, it is still fun and does not include killing yourself slowly. For instance, if you are not a weightlifter, you should not be lifting a barbell.  You would be causing yourself more harm than good.

CrossFit movements require a crossfitter to be flexible and capable of doing a wide range of movements.  Do not overlook this if you want to get the best out of your WOD (workout of the day).

Best way to stay fit

The regime demanded by the practice of CrossFit is one that will go at your own pace.  You will not push yourself beyond your limits.  There is no “no pain no gain” here.  Obviously, there are some other ways of getting fit, but let me explain why CrossFit is actually the best way to stay fit.

  • When it comes to bodyweight exercises, burpees are the thing.  This exercise taps into your every muscle and improves your heart rate at the same time. The intensity can vary but the basic principle is the same,  put your chest on the ground, get up and clap above your head. Repeat.
  • To exercise those hips and legs, nothing better than some squats. Once you feel you are fit for it, add a little weight and increase periodically.
  • Try thrusters when you feel you can handle compound movements. If what you are looking for is a complete exercise that workouts every muscle, then thrusters with two dumbbells or a barbell is the way to go.
  • CrossFit is full of pull-ups and this is no surprise.  These are great upper body builders.  You get to work arms, back, shoulders, and core.

Finally, I´d like to recommend getting yourself a personal trainer. The best personal training guarantees that you will always perform at the top of your game effectively.

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