Why Crossfitters Are Making Good Use of Foam Rollers to Avoid Injury

Let me first point out something.  I have heard a lot of noise about foam rollers lately.  Some are against it and some others consider it the eighth wonder of fitness.  I would like to take a more balanced view.  Seen from the outside, there are pros and cons in the whole thing.

One thing is for sure: if you do things properly, even those that might seem destructive can wind up being very beneficial.  The same goes with foam rolling.  Crossfitters around the world are finding out the amazing benefits they get from a good use of foam rollers.

Given that CrossFit is an intense program, crossfitters seek for alternatives to avoid injuries.  A good foam rolling is a solution they have found.

Foam rolling provides a great myofascial release

When muscles undergo a great amount of stress, they tend to get sore if the warmup is not effective. This can lead to painful muscles, hence affecting your routine.  If a muscle develops a knot within its fascia, the consequences for the proper development of CrossFit are affected.

CrossFitters have found out that foam rolling helps get rid of muscle knots.  Therefore, they have discovered that a trigger point grid foam roller has amazing results against those trigger points.   By trigge points I mean those parts of your muscles where fascia has built up into a painful muscle know.

Foam rolling prevents injuries

When you are continuosly massaging your muscles, you make them stay relaxed and ready for action a longer time.  This is definitively a great way to prevent injuries.  It is like a warmup before going into CrossFit.

Athletes usually take 15 min prior to their workout into foam rolling. This helps the muscles to get ready for the strenuous demands of CrossFit.

Of course, there are injuries that can be prevented and others that cannot.  However, CrossFitters do feel the difference when they roll on the foam roller prior to the routine.

Foam rolling helps injuries to heal faster

Last but not least, I will point out that all this foam-rolling helps injuries to heal faster.  As I stated before, there are some injuries that cannot be prevented. Very seldom but there might be.  If you have a steady foam rolling routine in place, your muscles are “trained” to heal much faster.

Needless to say, this is an enormous benefit to your workout.


So, the question rises.  Should you use a foam roller too?  Well, yes.  But make sure you use it properly.  As the title of this post suggests, CrossFitters are putting it to good use.  So can you and reap the same great benefits.

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