Dangers of Steroid Use

Dangers of Steroid Use

Why Athletes Use Steroids

Why do athletes use steroids to build muscle mass and what do they actually do?  Weightlifters and bodybuilders will use steroids because it will enhance your muscles, make them more defined and it will do so quickly.  Professional competitions in both weight lifting and bodybuilding competitions have banned the use of steroids, and taking them comes with risks…lots of risks.

How do they Work

The amounts of anabolic hormones in your blood are raised and this stimulates the growth of your muscles.  You end up with muscles that are larger and more defined, and this is what every bodybuilder is trying to do in the gym every day.  The anabolic steroids you will find in gyms are mostly testosterone based and the extra testosterone will allow an athlete to train harder and longer.  Make no mistake, this comes with a price.

The Risks of Longterm Steroid Use

Anabolic steroid use, especially in the long term comes with many health risks and not just your physical health.  The mood swings while taking steroids can be extreme and longterm users are no stranger to depression.  Some people can become very aggressive and “roid rage” is a real thing.  It’s not just your mental health you’re going to have to worry about it is damaging to every major organ system in your body.  Here are some of the things that steroid use can do.

  • Shrinking Of The Testicles.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Higher Levels Of Cholesterol.
  • Liver Disease.
  • Enlargement Of The Prostate.
  • Loss Of Sexual Libido.
  • Menstrual Problems.

If you’re new to bodybuilding or you play any competitive sports the temptation to use steroids can be enormous.  You can build muscle naturally by changing your technique.  Work out consistently 3-4 times per week, and increase the amount of weight you are lifting while at the same time lowering the reps.  You should be trying to do three sets of each exercise and yes you may have to work up to that.  You should feel muscle fatigue at the end of the sets…not pain.

Bodybuilding goals or any fitness goal for that matter has never been achieved overnight.  Bodybuilding shouldn’t just be about getting cut, it’s also about improving your overall health. Steroid use is anything but healthy and you really need to weigh short term benefit against your long term health.  Achieving your goals through hard work is always better than taking a shortcut, no matter how tempting.  The world doesn’t need your roid rage either.

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