My Story

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.

I am a self proclaimed gym rat.  I like workouts that challenge me, I like to see the results as my body changes and gets stronger and more toned.  I am pretty disciplined about my workout routines and I am at the gym at 6am everyday…rain or shine.  Here is where I talk about the struggles I face hitting plateaus and trying to find motivation.  Hopefully you can relate and maybe find your own inspiration.

I write a lot of articles here about fitness and weight lifting in particular, I want you to understand this is all from my personal experience.  I am a certified personal trainer, but we’re not in the gym and technically you’re not my client.  So exercise good judgement, work with your own trainer and always see a doctor before proceeding with anything new.

Phew…now that that is out of the way I hope you enjoy the blog!

Please contribute and tell me about your own experiences, hitting your milestones and what you struggle with.  If you have questions please drop me a line here.