Power Lifting vs Bodybuilding

Power Lifting vs Bodybuilding

Power Lifting vs Bodybuilding

Power lifting is a sport that originated with bodybuilding and both power lifters and bodybuilders have essentially the same goals, to get bigger and stronger.  You can use the techniques in power lifting to enhance your bodybuilding efforts.  The thing that separates the two is the competition.  When a power lifter competes his goal is to move as much weight as possible, while the objective in bodybuilding is to become as big and defined as you can.  That being said there are bodybuilding competitions, the most famous being Mr Olympia but the judging is subjective rather than objective in power lifting.

Power Lifting

There are three events in a power lifting competition, the squat, the dead weight and the bench press.  Unlike a bodybuilding competition, no one is concerned with definition, symmetry or how bulked up you have become they are concerned with how much you can lift.  There is no need for you to learn poses that showcases your muscle definition, nor do you need to shave your legs instead you focus on endurance and raw strength.  Competitors in power lifting are placed in classes based on age and experience and they compete in all three lift categories.  If you’ve never been to a power lifting competition the video below will show you what it is all about.

The Training

Training for both the bodybuilder and power lifter is not that different; both try and push themselves to attain the next goal.  Both are dedicated to health and fitness and a good diet.  You won’t achieve success in either discipline by living off of fast food.  Diet is a critical part of any training regimen and that includes staying away from bad food and fueling your body with what it needs.  Building muscles and strength requires clean proteins and plenty of vegetables.  Bodybuilders, more so than power lifters pay close attention to their diet and what will allow them to lose weight quickly.


Power lifting and body building can have similar workout routines, both disciplines mean plenty of hours in the gym.  Both will work closely with a trainer to plot out a routine that will yield the best results.  The power lifter pushes themselves so they can lift more weight, the bodybuilder does the same thing to develop and hone muscles. You will likely see both of them in the gym on a daily basis, whatever your style is discipline is part of reaching the pinnacle of your sport.


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